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We believe a better future will require technology to become more accessible, human-centered, transparent, representative, equitable, and trustworthy. How does this all come together?


Want to Work for Google? You Already do.

Are we all unpaid employees of Facebook, Google, and Tesla? Probably, according to Joe Toscano, an award-winning international designer who previously consulted for Google. Joe shares how companies are using our data to create massive profits. He reveals what innovative ideas and next steps are on the horizon to help consumers protect their data in the world of big tech.



Dedicated to change.

The world is changing at an exponential pace and that can be hard to keep up with. To help you and your community move forward we’ve focused on curating a list of some of the most valuable resources we’ve found around the globe over the last few years.


BEACON Consent Management System


BEACON’s Consumer Privacy CX product is setting a new global standard for the experience of end-user legal agreements (EULA’s). Protect your company while earning back the trust of your consumers.