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Want to work for Google?

Watch Joe Toscano, Co-Founder & CEO of BEACON, explain how we're all working for Big Tech companies without even realizing it, why we deserve a cut, and how we make it happen.  

The Social Dilemma

A docudrama that explores the inner-workings of the social media platforms that have the ability to manipulate behaviour, nurture addiction and enable widespread societal harm.

Social Media Radicalizes Us

Social media forces us to pick sides. Researchers have discovered this confirmation bias greatly contributes to the deep societal divisions that are harming the unity of nations around the world.

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Who We Are

BEACON is a social innovation organization that operates at the intersection of human-centred design, social impact, and public policy.

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We promote a better future through technology. We believe in improved prosperity for consumers, communities and companies alike

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Businesses and Consumers alike. We believe everyone benefits when technology becomes more human-centered, equitable, and trustworthy.
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Pulse Policy

Automate your data protection office in 10 minutes or less, and save your business thousands of dollars in legal fees on top of countless hours of production time.

Why Our Work Matters

Will the future belong to the innovations that make our lives better, more fulfilled, more human or will it belong to those tools that pry our attention to the exclusion of everything else?

Tim Cook

CEO Apple,
Data Privacy Day 2021

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We've all attended technical talks and professional speaking events where speakers speak at you for an hour—they suck. These weekly conversations are a casual opportunity to conversationally engage with other professionals trying to make change in the industry. Less presentation, more action.

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Topics include anything from recent news headlines and product demos to job opportunities and partner access.


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We regularly update content to make sure you know what's going on in the world and how you can use it to make the internet a better place.

Consent in the Age of Ambient Computing

By refocusing on people and creating human-centric products, we can realign companies with our values and begin to get on a better track. Imagine a world where where we can use technology without sacrificing our right to privacy.
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A Marketer’s Guide to Data Tracking: What’s Really Going on Within Your Website?

There is a real commercial risk if this goes unchecked because as a controller (legally responsible for the site), your site may be acting as a proxy for something much wider in scope.
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Well-Considered Data Strategies Will Win In An Era Enhanced Privacy Experiences

The technology industry is getting overwhelmed with a litany of new privacy regulations and proposals. companies need to make every effort to help consumers understand the value of their data.
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We've spent the last several years surveying the landscape and creating proposals for how to make a better internet.

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