Data Tax

Data has become the most valuable, untaxed asset on the planet. Taxing data could provide countries with additional revenue to upskill workers, create new jobs, build infrastructure, and more.

Policy Overview

For years companeis have operated with the mindset of collecting any and all data possible becuase they're unsure of exactly what data they might need in the future. This bulk collection has led to an obscene breach of privacy but there is no financial reason for companies not to do so. In fact, there is a competitive counter-argument, which is that if they do not operate by bulk collection they will not be able to keep up with their competitors that do—and they're not wrong.

Policy Benefits

  • Access to trillions of taxable dollars previously unaccessible
  • Creates financial incentive for companies to now own our data
  • Creates financial incentives for companies to figure out new, innovative, and privacy-protecting ways of collecting and using our data
  • Forces companies to reconsider bulk collection and instead discover ways to collect only the Minimum Viable Data (MVD) required to operate their services

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