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We’re all trying to keep up, but that can turn out to be very difficult in a world that’s constantly iterating. Below you’ll find the resources we believe are most appropriate to help you, your family, and your community engage more meaningfully with today’s digital technologies.

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There's only so much we can do alone, it's much easier if we all work together. If you have any special resources you think the BEACON network should know about, we'd love to hear about them!

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Non-Technical Resources

You know how to get around the internet but don't spend your day writing code. These resources are meant to help the average person get ahead.
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Technical Resources

You spend your day writing code or otherwise buried in modern technology work. These resources are meant to help you stay ahead of the curve and informed.
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Policymaker Resources

You spend your days figuring out how to keep society safe from the forces of modern tech companies. These resources are meant to help you stay up to date.
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